Thursday, July 16, 2015

Morning on the Dock
The Red Canoes
The Shed

More Plein Air 

Thanks to a wonderful partnership between the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance (to which I belong) and the Chattahoochee Nature Center, each week I paint with several other artists at beautiful sites throughout the Center's grounds.  Although painting in solitude is meditative and rewarding, painting with others who share my love of nature is also very enjoyable.
Experimenting with color, shapes, texture and style make each trip out a new adventure.  Returning to the same location and finding a new view insures that each painting is unique.  The biggest challenge this summer has been to find a way to add variety to all that GREEN! 
 New Directions
         Always in search of new ways to combine all the media that I work with, I decided to combine two of my favorites -- collage and printmaking.  The technique is actually an old one called Collography, invented in 1955.   Basically, it is making prints from collages.

<---- this is the collographic plate on which I incised the lines of the figures, then added the pieces of textured collage.  The plate was then inked and the image printed.  Notice the image is reversed in the print.

<---- this is the print that was produced with no additional media added.  As you can see, there are gaps in the drawing that make it seem unfinished.  My next step will involve drawing, painting and perhaps adding pastels to enhance the existing print.  Stay tuned for the next addition.