Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blue Pitcher with Stripes 22 x 30

Blue Pitcher with Tassles 22 x 30                                                                            

Blue Pitcher and Scarf 22 x 30

Blue Pitcher with Ties 22 x30

 The Blue Pitcher series was an exploration of the compositional possibilities of using the same object in a variety of sizes and placement around the picture space.  As you can see the pitcher takes on greater or lesser significance, depending upon its location but remains the center of attention due to the intensity of its color.  It was great fun deciding where he would show up in each painting.
Blue Pitcher Abstracted  22 x 30

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fruit on Stripes      (Sold)

The Red Teapot   16 x 20
The  pleasure in painting a still life is in the search for a way to invite the viewer to come and sit awhile.  If the objects somehow relate to our personal experience -- recall a dear friend, a quiet moment alone, a special place we've visited, then we come back to that painting again and again.