Tuesday, August 23, 2016


“The real master has no tools at all, only a limitless capacity to improvise with what is to hand.”
So what you ask is a Polymath?  A Polymath is someone who knows a lot about many different things – think Renaissance Man (or Woman).  Or maybe jack of all trades.  In a world which is becoming ever more specialized, whether it’s your doctor or your college professor, isn’t it nice to think that as an artist YOU can become a polymath simply by stretching your wings?  If you’ve said to yourself, “I’d like to try other media but I’d better stick to the one I’m comfortable with, “ you are denying yourself the opportunity to grow and develop as an artist.  Trying different media does not mean you have to ignore the one you’re most invested in because what you’ll find is that each one you explore “informs” all the others.  If you learn to use color in pastels, you can use the same palettes in oils.  If you learn to draw really well, you’ll paint better because of it.  Making manipulated papers for collage teaches you about mixed media for painting.  You get the idea.  And don’t worry about spending tons of money to try new techniques look at the tools around you.  What can you do with a twig, chopstick, lemon juice, a candle, baby wipes, cotton balls, your kids’ crayons – the list is endless – the tools at hand.  So come on, think like Picasso who worked in oils, collaged, sculpted in wood, clay, wax and metals, designed sets and costumes for a ballet and even wrote poetry (when he was 53 years old).  Improvise and become an artistic polymath!!  And if that’s not enough, you can add a new word to your vocabulary. Please comment -- What's the most unusual item you've used to make art?