Wednesday, April 17, 2013

   Plein air painting is done outdoors, in   
"Lavender"  16 x 24     acrylic

Roz's Garden II  11 x 14

Roz's Garden I  11x 14   NFS
the fresh air and is one  the
most enjoyable types of painting
that I do. It is  spontaneous and  inspirational.  The two garden 
paintings were done in oil ---started in a friend's garden and"polished" in the studio.  The portrait of the horse was done after a trip to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where the lavender was in full bloom.  Can't wait to get back outside to paint another beautiful spring.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Most artists love working with  texture
Three of a Pear  22x30
 and I'm no exception.  Although it's
fun to create the look of a rough object,
it's even more interesting to add texture
to what we normally think of as a smooth
object, such as pears.  As you can see from
this series of paintings, working with
unexpected colors is also a means of
expressing a mood or perception.
Three Bricks 22x30
Frame and Branch 22x30